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Weekly News

Welcome backs, civilians. Who am I talking to? All you non-teachers out there. Those who did not spend the last handful of days setting up a classroom for between 30-200 kiddos to come streaming back into this week. For me, … Continue reading

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Weekly News

Tis yet another Wednesday, friends. A sunny Wednesday in my neck of the woods, but darkening nonetheless. A job-shaped cloud is on the horizon, and it is coming to steal away my summer break and extra writing time. It’s close … Continue reading

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IWSG and Weekly News

It is time once again for a smattering of nervousness, a pinch of anxiety, a dash of insecurity. It is time for the twitchy, twittering writers of IWSG to come together and entertain/horrify with their drooling selves. Intrigued? Well, click … Continue reading

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