My First Book: Silent Witnesses

Picture courtesy of mcclanahoochie, retrieved from

Fear rules Celia’s life. The sting of it clings to her memories, especially those from the night she was raped. It lurks behind all five of the locks she keeps between herself and the rest of the world. So when she witnesses a woman being beaten, fear seizes hold. She doesn’t mean to run away, but she does. Besides, she’s not alone. Surely one of the other two witnesses will do something.

Emilio wants to act, but wanting to do something and actually doing it fall along a paper-thin edge Emilio so often straddles. And his wife, a wife who is best friends with the victim, will never let him forget it.

Then there’s Sully. Get involved? Nah. It’s not his beef. But with a camera and some ingenuity, he can turn their little domestic problem into a personal payday. Sully never lets an opportunity go to waste.

2 Responses to My First Book: Silent Witnesses

  1. Love the storyline, the cover, and yes, it’s on my list. Hi, Kim!

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