YA Fantasy Series

A fire-breathing dragon and a female dragonrider started a war that nearly burned two kingdoms to ash. Now, the king’s witch hunters make sure any such “demonic” ideas meet their own fiery end.

Kira wants nothing more than to be a dragonrider like her mother who died in the Witch’s War, but her king father and six of the war’s complicit survivors have made sure women don’t dare anything condemnable as heresy. Especially not wielding rider magic so easily mistaken for that of the war-starting witch.

Everything changes when Dragon Solon hatches physically deformed. His chosen rider, one of the sons of power, refuses the pair. Instead of accepting the merciful death the king and the complicit riders believe he deserves, Solon telepathically connects with Kira, the only person desperate to stand by his side. Labeled more nursemaid than rider and leashed by magic and a guardianship system only women must endure, Kira attempts to prove her dragon is not tainted by witchcraft and they should be able to compete in the Dragon Trials. But Solon is not the only part of their pairing cursed by shadows from the past. When Kira is witnessed unexpectedly unleashing forbidden witchfire, escape becomes their only hope of eluding the kingdoms Witch Hunters and their fiery stake.

Titles to come in the series: Dragon Waters, Dragon Breath, Dragon Lands, and Steel Dragon.