YA Fantasy Series

A fire-breathing dragon and a traitorous female dragonrider nearly burned two kingdoms to ash. Now, any such “demonic” acts are subject to the new king and his witch hunters. Kira, a girl restrained by the new Order and a king father who commands it, wishes to shred the restriction against female riders. She wants to be chosen, and her last remaining hope is the dangerous notion that dragon eggs are more receptive to whispers of courage than false order.

When Solon hatches, he is barely recognizable as a dragon. His body is twisted by the markers of a disease believed ended after the Traitor’s War—twisted in body, but not wings. Solon responds to the threats of a supposed merciful end with a flight no other hatchling could manage. He lands before Kira, a rider chosen.

Labeled more nursemaid than rider and awaiting final judgment of Solon’s fate, Kira and Solon have less than a season to prove he is not infected, and she should be permitted to truly ride. But riding in defense of her beloved kingdom takes on a far different meaning when they discover the real purpose of the Order is to burn accused witches alive.

Titles to come in the series: Dragon Waters, Dragon Breath, Dragon Lands, and Steel Dragon.