Fantasy Series

A fire-breathing dragon and a traitorous female dragonrider nearly burned two kingdoms to ash. Now, the crown’s blade awaits any woman or dragon who would dare to try.

Driven by a desire to ride dragons as both her mother and grandmother before her, Kira, a woman doomed to marry for power, politics or both, begs her king father to ignore his own law barring female dragonriders. But the king will never ignore an opportunity to solidify power, and healthy dragon pairings are the most useful political tools he can use to further tighten his stranglehold on the kingdom.

When Solon hatches, he is barely recognizable as a dragon. His body twisted by the markers of a disease believed ended after the Traitor’s War—twisted in body, but not wings. Solon responds to the whispers for a supposed merciful end with a flight no other hatchling could manage. He lands before Kira, a rider chosen.

Labeled more nursemaid than rider and awaiting final judgment of Solon’s fate, Kira and Solon have less than a season to prove he is not infected and she should be permitted to wear the colors of the crown. Their fate is sealed when their training unleashes forbidden fire breathing, and it’s an unleashing which did not go unnoticed. As their illegal fire abilities near exposure, Kira and Solon will have to choose between submission to the brutal laws meant to control the kingdom and their very lives.

DRAGON EMBERS is The Priory of the Orange Tree meets The Witch Hunter. It is a 90,000-word first book in a planned five book series. It was a finalist in the fantasy category of the Zebulon contest for Pikes Peak Writers in 2017. A previous manuscript of mine similarly garnered finalist spots and category wins in several regional writing competitions, including Pacific Northwest Writers Contest for Mainstream/Literary, Pikes Peak Writers Zebulon for Mainstream, and Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers Colorado Gold for Mainstream/Literary. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Titles to come in the series: Dragon Waters, Dragon Breath, Dragon Lands, and Steel Dragon.