Weekly News

It is Wednesday once again. Fast, huh? Rather than feeling old by the speed at which the Earth rotates and repeats, I have some news for you. That and a cup of hot chocolate for myself. Small pleasures soothe everything. 🙂

This first story explains my mouth. I’m just honest.


He is HUGE. Yikes!


Multiple Earth impacts creating debris that could come together as our moon versus a single impact is fascinating. There is still so much we don’t know, but science keeps trying to figure things out. I heart science!


That will do it for me tonight. Same time, same place next week. See you in seven.

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Weekly News

Welcome back to another hump day. With Wednesday here, Friday is closer. Sigh …Three-day weekend on the horizon. I can’t wait. News first, though.

At first I thought this story was yet another example of people wasting time online, but that was before I watched. It is strangely satisfying. Calming. Very weird.


The poor giraffe’s not greedy. The silly family just forgot to bring his cone for him. When you want a cone, you want a cone.


This is an interesting step. I had two very different reactions to this, and, ultimately, could think of at least two different outcomes depending on its implementation. But I’m more curious about what other people think.


That’ll do this for me tonight. I will see you in seven.

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IWSG and Weekly News


Welcome back for another month of writers reaching out to writers. We’re a quivering, twittering mess with crunched up Kleenex and empty coffee pots, but we have stories to tell. Come hear them. Read them. In exchange? Coffee, lots and lots of coffee.

The wonderful co-hosts this month are Eva @ Lillicasplace,Crystal Collier, Sheena-kay Graham, Chemist Ken, LG Keltner, and Heather Gardner!

Prompt question for today – What writing rule do you wish you’d never heard?

I had to think hard about this one. There isn’t one specific rule that drives me crazy, but that’s mostly because I ignore anything that drives me crazy. 🙂

You think I’m kidding, don’t you? I’m not. If I had to give anyone writing advice, it would pertain to following the rules only as far as they advance your work. Since there isn’t a playbook writers can follow to craft “the story” that everyone will love, take all rules, advice and feedback for any value provided and chuck the rest.

Time for some news.


This first story reminds me of the guy who burned his house down killing a spider with a flame thrower. I think there are much easier ways to get rid of old Christmas trees. But then again … Mythbusters should probably hire this guy.


Nice move. This cop is a good guy.


In science news this week, yet another layer in the extinction of certain dinosaurs. Not only does this more fully develop our understanding, but it loosely informs my WIP. Win-win.


That’ll do it for me tonight. See you in seven.

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Weekly News

Welcome back to the final Wednesday of 2016. It has most definitely been a wild ride this year, but the science news I have is proof that it is still quite a remarkable time to be alive. Wait for it. It’s worth a hint of patience because the other stories are good, too. 🙂

I laughed so hard my sides hurt. I think I’ll watch it again when I check how this posts. So funny!


Yet another time where I need to ask: People need to be told not to do something so stupid? Really?


You’ve been patient, haven’t you? The ISS teemed up with our fantastic earth to demonstrate the beauty of our home.


That’ll do it for me and 2016. Next time you read this page, it will be 2017. Which means, I’ll see you next year.

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Weekly News

Welcome to Christmas Eve four times removed, or would it be three times? Whatever. Hi there. It’s Wednesday yet again and time for some news tidbits to tantalize your taste buds. I bet that made you hungry for chocolate more than news, huh? Tis the season for that as well.

I don’t have chocolate for you, but I do have news.

This first one had me at first asking who would have a life-size mannequin seat-belted in their car. Once I read further, I understood. But what I don’t get is the kind of dipstick who could not predict having that kind of mannequin belted in could lead where it led. Was he really surprised the cops busted into his car? Some people refuse to think outside their own little bubbles.


This will probably gross most people out, and I must admit that the worm ones look awful. But … I have eaten a cricket stir-fry that was good. It was at a science conference, and it was well done. The crickets added a crunch without adding the funky flavor I expected.


Last but not least, science. This new study shows that motherhood not only improves your life but may also streamline the brain. I like thinking of my brain remodeling into a sleeker, better model of itself because of my son. A few months of poor memory and bad sleep is worth all of this and more.


That’ll do it for me tonight. Merry Christmas to all of you out there who celebrate this weekend. Happy Holidays to everyone who celebrates one of the assortment of other holidays which take place this week and weekend. 🙂


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Weekly News

Welcome back, Wednesday! It’s a bumpy day as a rule, but today was quite smooth. It’s probably the pre-break sedative effect. Two more days! Time for some news.

I know it is incredibly juvenile and the guy most definitely lost IQ points, but the slo-mo is so cool.


Following along with the theme of cool posts, this guy’s holiday decorations. Holy cow!


In science news, a mesmerizing 1st place video which  is not only stunning but furthers our science understanding. Brilliant!


That’ll do it for me tonight. See you back here in seven.

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IWSG and Weekly News


(Sorry for the crappy formatting on the first half of this post. WordPress refuses to let me paragraph until I get halfway down the page. Argh…)
It’s the first Wednesday yet again. Time for another posting for The Insecure Writer’s Support Group (IWSG). Our fabulous co-hosts this month are: Jennifer Hawes,Jen Chandler,Nick Wilford,Juneta Key,JH Moncrieff,Diane Burton, and MJ Fifield!
And the question this month: In terms of your writing career, where do you see yourself five years from now, and what’s your plan to get there?
In five years I foresee myself sitting in front of my computer pumping our book number five with a shelf full of my first four and a wall full of recognition in the form of articles, interviews and New York Times listings.  No delusions of grandeur here.
The path I plan on taking is one I’ve already begun. I will write daily, revise, rewrite, revise some more, take in critique, read, revise some more, query, revise some more, etc …
Think it’ll work? I do. 🙂


Time for a tasty bit of December news.

How do these people have so much free time to a) actually search out random crap like this and b) attempt, record and share random, stupid crap like this?


This makes me happy. So many good people out there trying to make a difference in the world. I always get extra mushy close to Christmas.


In science news this week, something that blew my mind in terms of marrying the essence of humanity with space exploration. 3D printing laughter. Can you see it? Can you actually visualize what laughter looks like?


That’ll do it for me tonight. I’ll see you again in seven.

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