Weekly News

Summer break! I’m done!

That’s all tonight, folks. See you in seven!

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Weekly News

Wednesday’s here, and it’s a bright, shiny Wednesday. The second to last Wednesday of my school year. Summertime! I have exactly five more days of work, and then I spend the summer parked in my writing chair. Wait.

Even though my summer is largely spent indoors writing, I am rounding the corner on finishing my current WIP. This deserves music.

Fire-fighting goats. The large park near me similarly uses goats during the summer months. It’s a good solution.


And in science this week, a badass spider. When food does not come to you, you evolve to launch yourself toward food.


That’ll do it for me this week. See you back here in seven.

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Weekly News

Welcome back to my soggy corner of the world. I’m dripping wet and sliding into the end of the week, but closing in on the end of the school year. So, nothing can get me down. Summer break is close. Very, very close. Ah… Until then, news.

This first story demonstrates how simple solutions can sometimes solve complex problems. I heart Kwinana.


What’s that noise? It’s a … Roomba.


Last, but definitely not least, learning pumped directly into your mind. We’ve all wished for it. Now, science has figured out how to do it. Is there potential for trouble or fiction-worthy problems? Sure. But, damn. This is cool.


That’s all for me tonight. See you back here in seven.

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IWSG and Weekly News


It’s the beginning of May, and as such, it’s time for another posting of The Insecure Writer’s Support Group (IWSG). The fantastic co-hosts for this posting are Lee Lowery,Juneta Key, Yvonne Ventresca, and T. Powell Coltrin!

The optional question for this month is: What was an early experience where you learned that language had power?

I don’t have a single incident about the specific power of language, but I do have an important experience with the power of books. In my elementary school they had a “publishing company.” It was a small office replete with thin cardboard, fabric swatches, and glue. I sent multiple books through that company–two of which I still have. The power to make my own books when I was a huge reader from a line of readers was immensely powerful. I owe a lot to whoever set that up.

Time for some news.
This first story shows the ability of government officials to believe utter nonsense. Coffee is most definitely necessary for survival. What is wrong with them?




And in science news, an asteroid with water. Asteroids such as Itokawa could have been a source of water on early Earth. So cool!

That’ll do it for today. See you back here in seven.

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Weekly News

Wednesday is back again, imagine that. The weather is good, and I’m almost done re-editing my second book. So close. Almost. Sigh. News, news will distract me. It’s an all-science story day because I can, and it makes me happy.

They asked whether any animals can actually breathe fire. Turns out no, at least not in the “real world.” Psst. This is why fiction is better. Dragons and fire are amazing.


This next story makes me ridiculously happy. The imagery of my tongue smelling food before it eats is just amazing.


This is a quantum gift for Avengers fans. Science just rocks.


That’s all for me tonight. See you back here in seven.

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Weekly News

Welcome back, Wednesday! I’m happy to be back and posting this week. Sorry I missed last week. It was a bad week. It’s over, thank goodness. Time for some distracting news.

I chose this first story because I got a total inter-dimensional travel vibe when the people walked through the bubbles. Watch the whole thing. The vibe is strongest from the midpoint through the end.


I chose this next story because it gave me all the feels.


In science news, a psychedelic seascape that has developed in the last decade.


That’s all for tonight. See you in seven!

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IWSG and Weekly News


It is time again for the monthly posting of the Insecure Writer’s Support Group. If you haven’t already clicked on the image above and investigated the variety of writers who participate, what are you waiting for?

This month’s fantastic co-hosts are J.H. MoncrieffNatalie AguirrePatsy Collins and Chemist Ken!

I’m skipping the optional question to plug the anthology:

Our genre is Middle grade historical: adventure/fantasy and the opening date is May 1. The best brains are on the theme, and that will be announced on the opening date. So this is just to whet your appetite – you could use that time to brush up your knowledge of the genre if it’s not your usual bag, for example. We’re looking forward to more great entries!

Don’t forget the Masquerade anthology is hitting the shelves on April 30!


Time for the news.

I’m at a loss on this next story. I just …. Read it and you’ll understand.


The rise of social media means we get a peek into the lives of people from our neighbors to action stars. It can sometimes be a very odd peek.


And in science news, neurogenesis happens way beyond adolescence. The idea that our brains could continue to make new brain cells is encouraging, and it can be an important avenue for research. I heart science!


That’s all for tonight. I’ll see you back here in seven.

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