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Happy Wednesday! Fall is here. The Autumnal Equinox evening out day and night, ushering in cooler temperatures. I love this season. I suppose I should stop rambling about the season. You’re here for the news, aren’t you?

I initially clicked on this thinking: don’t flush it, give it all to me. But then, I read the part about the lawyer and the police investigation. Those tidbits intrigued me more. I really want to know what he/she is trying to hide. Questions. I have so many questions.


This man appears to have more heart than brains.


This seems morbid, but it’s also fascinating when thinking about the animal side of our nature. Thinking like a scientist, but applying what I think about to character motivations and/or actions.


That’s all for me tonight. See you back here in seven.


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Weekly News

Um … happy Wednesday, or should I say, Thursday. (If you can’t tell, I’m shamefully hanging my head). I know you will all be unbelievably shocked to hear that I forgot what day it was–again. I was equally stunned. Since I’ve never done that before ….

Oh hush. I could promise that it will not happen again, but I hate lying. How about some news instead?

I cannot begin to fathom how she could make so many stunningly bad decisions in one night, or how many shades of red she turned as a result. Awful, funny, and then awful all over again.


Behold, the Titanic. No, wait! Not an iceberg. It’s a, um … fatberg. 🙂


And in science/history news, the oldest photos in the world. These are so cool!


That’s it for this extended Wednesday. See you again in six (my head’s still hanging).

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IWSG and Weekly News

(Please excuse the crazy formatting and paragraph spacing. WordPress has decided it dislikes the spacing I have put in place twice.)
Welcome back one and all. It is that time once again; time for moaning and groaning, whining and, perhaps, some crying. Insecurity is, after all, quite a painful roller coaster ride. Come join us, we tend to have nearby items to soothe such nervousness. Things like: chocolate, cookies, coffee, tea, etc … I’ll let you fill in what the etc could be. I always stick to the coffee and chocolate myself. 😉
We have the following co-hosts to keep the support group on track: Tyrean Martinson, Tara Tyler, Raimey Gallant, and Beverly Stowe McClure!
This month’s question: Have you ever surprised yourself with your writing?
Yes. Why yes I have. I totally had a James Bond moment as I thought that sentence. Yes, yes I have. Get it?
I guess I’ve had too much coffee.
All right, I guess I’ll just get to my answer. I regularly surprise myself. The truth is that I write through many chapters or scenes before I go back and thread my plotting together with my pantsing. In truth, I only stop once I begin to lose my way. So, when I do go back, and I began reading the individual scenes or sentences that construct each chapter, I will often find nuggets that please me, and, quite frankly, I forgot I even wrote. Early morning writing is at least partly to blame for that as well. Either way, I’m often surprised.
Now, time for some news.
This first story looks so yummy. Ignore the political twist at the end. Instead, focus on three tons of guacamole. Can you taste it? Oh, I can. Please, sir, can I have some more?
I am grossed out, happy for the frog, and committed to never buy a packaged salad from Target. That’s a lot of feels for one half-page story.
Last but not least, evolution for the win.
That’s all for me, folks. See you back here in seven and some change.
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Weekly News

Welcome back one and all. I hope you are safe and dry wherever you are. Since so many are not in Texas and Louisiana, I’m going to depart from my normal silly headlines tonight. Instead, inspiration and ways to help. #inthistogether #weareonenation

These first two stories show how so many are stepping up. These are just good.


From everyday Americans to the most privileged among us. We all need to step up.


If you want to help with your wallet, click into this story.

If you want a variety of ways to help, click into this one.


That’s all for tonight. Stay safe out there. See you back here in seven.

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Weekly News

Welcome back, all. Wednesday has rolled back into position again, which means I am back to share some news with you. I’m far more awake this week than I was last. I’m getting my teaching legs back, so I can type coherently. Lucky you. ;-P

This first news story should be headlined by a giant oops. What a migraine-inducing mistake.


Whalehenge. *Giggle*


Science once again shows that learning is important for learning’s sake. They are even taking the message upon themselves.


That’s all for tonight. See you back here in seven.

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Weekly News

Welcome backs, civilians. Who am I talking to? All you non-teachers out there. Those who did not spend the last handful of days setting up a classroom for between 30-200 kiddos to come streaming back into this week. For me, it was today. Around 120 wide-eyed kiddos with backpacks stuffed with supplies and fingers itching for their first taste of lockers.

I. Am. So. Tired.

My sleepiness requires music, but I always share. Enjoy!


See you in seven.

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Weekly News

Tis yet another Wednesday, friends. A sunny Wednesday in my neck of the woods, but darkening nonetheless. A job-shaped cloud is on the horizon, and it is coming to steal away my summer break and extra writing time. It’s close … so very, very close.

I doubt you all will sympathize with the end of a 2 1/2 month break, but the clouds I tell you. The clouds … 😉

Ah well. I guess it’s time for the news.

I saw this first story all over the news, but I chose it anyway. I cannot fathom the stupidity.


I get why someone who loves to make maps would mess around with something like this, but the people who shared it over and over. I don’t get it. I guess the comment above speaks to this one as well. My best advice for anyone who actually buys into this: Don’t take your wallet with you. *Facepalm*


In science news tonight, stunning time-lapse images.


That’s all for me tonight. I have to, gulp, go to bed soon because I have to go back to work tomorrow. Gasp.

What? Too much? Maybe you’re right. See you in seven.


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