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Hola all! I’m feeling spicy tonight, which means I need to jazz up my greeting. Hola was my first option, but I also have salam and wau for you. Wau is actually Australian, and on the page I found it, there were actually two additional hello options: ella and alla. That’s pretty cool, huh? Makes me think there’s some interesting things going on down there. Want to join me in checking it out?😉

I was so right. Can you imagine coming home to this little guy? He is so confused by the slick surface of that weird shiny tree.


Absolutely brilliant move to make the police station a Pokemon gym. Some people just don’t think.


This has so much potential, and I love that the scientists working on it are from my neck of the woods.


That’s all for yet another Wednesday evening. I’ll see you back here in seven.

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Weekly News

Welcome back to my little news feature: The Weekly News. It’s full of fantastic information to enrich your minds, spark conversation and entertain. Mostly, the latter. I must admit to being thoroughly entertained this week.

You know that the Pokemon Go thing has gone too far when adults are wandering around work oblivious as cameras roll. The weather guy handled it with a lot of humor.


It’s laudable that he wants to turn this into a learning experience for kids. But … it’s ten times bigger than the computers kids already have at home and does a fraction of what those machines can do. And on top of all of that, it cost $51,000.00. Um … I think the kids will want to teach him something instead.


In science news this week, toilets reveal a wealth of artifacts. I just couldn’t resist, and it is a huge find. *Giggle*


That’ll do it for me this evening. See you in seven.

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IWSG and Weekly News


It’s time once again for my monthly posting for the Insecure Writer’s Support Group. If you haven’t clicked on the image and traveled to their site yet, do it. This group is a must for us shaking bundles of caffeine-driven writers who sit with one twittering eye trained on the screen and the other rolled somewhere in the back of our skulls. Consider it your monthly group. Your tribe of other weirdos in whom you can connect via this roller coaster journey we call writing.

Today’s co-hosts are  Yolanda Renee, Tyrean Martinson, Madeline Mora-Summonte , LK Hill, Rachna Chhabria, and JA Scott! 

IWSG is trying something new beginning this month: a question. Consider it a focal point for the above-mentioned writers to train themselves on instead of going down the rabbit hole. Not a bad idea.

This month’s question is: What’s the best thing someone has ever said about your writing?


I think the best thing someone ever said wasn’t focused on a particular aspect of technique or a story element. Instead, it was a complement from a beta read. One of my fabulous critique partners had offered to beta my manuscript, and in among the threads that she mentioned needed tweaking was an ego-stroking compliment. She said: The last quarter of this novel is brilliant.

Well, I can tell you that the birds sang. The clouds parted, and the rays of sunlight streamed forth, striking every available surface imaginable. It was the best thing I’ve heard regarding my writing, and it was from someone I respect which makes it even better. Anytime the word brilliant can make an appearance in any mention of my writing, I will do somersaults and back handsprings. Well… I would if I was still twelve. But I’ll definitely jump. High. Really, really high.


Time for some news.

This first story is incredible. When I opened the link, I thought the two men would have faceless office jobs which could go unnoticed for upwards of fifteen years, but a gardener and a driver? Someone should have noticed that the car never moved and the grounds were in bad shape. Seriously. The topper is the mention of the guy at the end of the story getting an award for his contribution to the job after not showing up for six years.


I’m thinking that they need to change the title of this story to the state with the most drunk arrests. Who is happy when they’re arrested? And the people who actually spent any time analyzing mugshots even though the methodology is suspect, wow.


Growing your own protective armor is beyond a cool adaptation. These little fleas are rock stars, and my writer brain is working on overdrive thinking how this could make its way into a story. Definitely coolest link of the day!


That’s it for the first work in July. See you back here in seven.

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Weekly News

Welcome back to my world of news. My weekly sampling of weird, interesting or cool snippets that caught my eye. I don’t have a song to start this post off like last week, but I do have the world’s coolest dog.

This just makes me happy to watch.


This is awesome! I usually complain about spending money on stupid programs or signs that enable stupidity, but this just calls it out for what it is. The only thing I would change is to go back to the title from the original: Dumb Ways to Die.


In the world of science this week, an experiment I want to participate in. I teach about volcanoes, and each year I talk to students about the fact that we have to make models of volcanoes and eruptions because I can’t bring real magma/lava into the classroom. This teacher can. I’m jealous.


That’ll do it for the last Wednesday in June. The summer is going way too fast. By this time next week, it will be July. I’ll have to see if they invent a time-slower or a Hermione-type time turner before the summer ends. I will scour the news for it. I promise. Until then, see you in seven.

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Weekly News

Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to news I go… With a giggle here and a frown there, hi ho, hi ho, hi ho… I don’t know where that came from. I seriously just had that song playing in my head. WEIRD. Well, what do you expect? Weird truly is my middle name.

So don’t be surprised by the sampling I found for you this week.😉

This is awesome! Don’t shoot me with it, though. I want to play. Please. Just once.


Holy crap! This guy is so talented, and here I am still only capable of stick figures.


Science turns even sad problems into something to learn from. This is why thinking matters, people.


That’s all, folks. *Giggle* This time it’s not Disney, but Looney Tunes running through my head.

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Weekly News

Welcome back! I have to warn you, though. This has been my week so far:

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Looking for a particular Supernatural reaction gif? This blog organizes them so you don’t have to spend hours hunting them down.

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Looking for a particular Supernatural reaction gif? This blog organizes them so you don’t have to spend hours hunting them down.

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Hi everyone! I’m excited to announce that another tumblr user has agreed to co-admin an “All the Sherlock Gifs” blog. She’ll be doing the majority of the work, so make sure to give her a...

Writing is never dull.

So that you don’t feel news deprived–here’s a taste of some science for you. The most important news for this particular writer. Give me more.


That’ll do it for this roller coaster rider. Next week I hope to be whiling away some time on a nice quiet train ride. Round and round and round I’ll go… Who am I kidding? See you in seven.



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Weekly News

Welcome to the Wednesday edition of the news. I know you’ve been waiting to see what I’d find this week. Admit it. Admit it.😉

Well, wait no longer.

This first little guy would scare the bejesus out of me. I don’t care that he’s smaller than a kitty. That’s one freaky adaptation.


So embarrassing. I feel for Paula and the girl.


It turns out inefficiency can be a boon in the right circumstances. Gotta love science.


That’s a wrap on another Wednesday. See you next week.

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