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It is time once again for a posting of the Insecure Writer’s Support Group. We’re a fun group of nail-biting, coffee-swilling, chocolate -popping, basket cases. Quite the picture, huh? If you’re even a slight bit curious, click on the picture and surf the blogs. You won’t regret it.

Our phenomenal co-hosts for the November 7 posting are: Ellen @ The Cynical SailorAnn V. FriendJQ Rose and Elizabeth Seckman. Thank you all!

The optional question this month: How has your creativity in life evolved since you began writing?

Hmm … you would think that as a writer, and as a writer that has devoted greater and greater amounts of both brainpower and time to more novels, that I would also find creativity spilling out of my head like curlicues. But, alas, no such curlicues. I have zero drawing skills. I do enjoy photography, but my books suck up so much time that I haven’t taken much in the way of pictures in a while. Acting would freak out the introvert half of me.

So … writing gets all of my creativity. There are worse things, my friends.




Time for some news.

When I first read this story, my main focus was to ask why the lady didn’t just keep her dog in the house. But, the more I thought about a gold-digging dog who scammed burgers, the more I realized that she was really his hungry partner in crime. Don’t you think? 😉


I’ve posted the link to Reddit’s ‘Shower Thoughts’ forum before, but I couldn’t resist sharing another thread. Cheese is just a loaf of milk? I laughed way too hard at that one.


Last but not least, archaeologists have finally uncovered a device used in building the immense pyramids in Egypt. When they described the contraption, I could picture people thousands of years ago slowly inching the rock slabs up the slope. I really heart science!


That’s all tonight, folks. See you back here in seven.

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Weekly News

Happy Halloween! This Wednesday has rolled in under cover of masks, plastic swords, and mountains of candy. I may or may not have eaten a good portion of one of the bags I bought for trick-or-treaters. It’s part of adult privilege. If I pay, I get a cut. It also used to be part of parent-of-a-trick-or-treater privilege, but I digress. I may have eaten too much. This is starting off with so many red lines for editing. Can you say sugar rush? Oh well, time for some spooky news.

This first story generates far more questions than answers. First and foremost is: dressing up pet chickens for Halloween is a CDC-sanctioned thing?


Oregon’s zoo rocks! This is exactly what we need for Halloween.


Not to be left out, science and technology have teamed up to produce a spooky AI painting that sold for a jaw-dropping $432,500.00 at auction. Wow!


That’s all for me tonight, ghosts and goblins. Enjoy whatever Halloween tradition floats your boat. I’ll see you back here in seven!



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Weekly News

Wednesday is back–quick, like time is just screwing with me. It is, you know? Oh well, it does put us closer to Christmas. I’m already starting to feel twinges of the coming season. Don’t hate. I love snowy nights, hot drinks, and blinking lights. I can’t wait. But since I must, a little distraction-worthy news.

I have an answer for this first story: No, I do not want a creepy robot finger for my phone. Seriously?


Does this mean the party’s off? I already had my jammies, and I was really looking forward to cookies. 🙂


In science news, proof that misbehavior can bring about some really good stuff. Well, I guess you need to be a misbehaving neutrino, but still. Science matters.


That’s all for tonight, folks. I’ll see you back here in seven.

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Weekly News

Wednesday is here once again, ladies and gents. The weather is changing, bringing with it the first snow of the year in my neck of the woods. It has already melted, but it’s the first harbinger of the cold of winter. Time for warm drinks, fuzzy slippers, and stacks of books. Oh, also time for some news. 🙂

This bear missed the stories about Pooh getting his head stuck in a honeypot. Luckily, Maryland had some nice rangers to help him out.


I’d go with her for Doritos as well.


Illusion is the key to time travel. The caveat? It’s really just a trick of the brain, but still. The research could unlock something huge, or merely provide the jumping off point for some great fiction. Either way is good. I heart science!


That’s it, folks. See you back here in seven.


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Weekly News

I’m back after my little unexpected break last week. A bizarro cold swept in and knocked me off my feet for multiple days. Instead of blog writing last Wednesday or Thursday, or even Friday, I was sleeping, running out of energy every time I tried to get something done, and watching Netflix. I’m better this week, though. So … news. 🙂

This first story is another big example of NOPE. If I were a firefighter, I wouldn’t even drive past this place.


The Lego wheelchair is fantastic! I love the compassion and innovation of people.


In science, our eyes are quick at picking up information but slow to get rid of it. This means we can not only watch movies but actually detect ghost images as well. The applications of this seem pretty significant in an ever-changing technological world. It also seems to have incredible applications for sci-fi stories. So cool!


That’s all for this no-longer-sick writer. See you back here in seven!




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Weekly News

I cannot believe it’s Wednesday already. I seriously had to pause and question the day. I nearly missed my post, which means I would have done one of my “oops” posts on Thursday. Ah well … time is weird, guess we should wade into some routine news. 😉

This first video/story is awesome! I saw it on Twitter first, and I was dying laughing. Nature may be unhinged, but it is also fantastic.


You can’t bribe me with cash, bathroom breaks, or free food and drinks–not gonna lie in a coffin for thirty hours. Nope. Not even Netflix can make me set up shop in a “slightly used” coffin. By the way–slightly used how?


Robot lizards, I’m down. Tails for land traveling for the win. I heart science!


That’s all for tonight, folks. See you back here in seven.

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Weekly News

Hello! It is Wednesday. The middle of a good week for me. I guess you could say today is squeezed between a long weekend of productive writing and an upcoming multi-day writing binge. My happy place. Which means, I’m in a good mood. Enjoy its effect on my news choices.

This first video is entrancing. Gross, but entrancing. After watching the slow-motion puke-up of the other snake, I began wondering how beneficial it is evolutionarily-speaking if it takes that long.


Random children’s voices repeating a nursery rhythm in the dark of night would have sent me running. I would have packed my bags, thrown the car into gear, and thought later to sell my house. That is one hell of a burglary deterrent. Even worse that it’s being triggered by spiders.


And since I was already thinking about spiders, science and spiders. Have I given you pre-Halloween nightmares tonight? I bet I did. You can’t hear it, but I’m cackling and tapping my fingers together maniacally.


That’s all for tonight, folks. See you here in seven.

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