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Wednesday is back! Fast, right? I survived last week’s craziness. In fact, it was successful craziness. I took my engineering team to State for 2 1/2 days, and we scored six wins (a mix of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place finishes). Then, I surfed my couch for two days of mindlessness. After all of that do you know what I need? News.

This first story is sweet, but I very much disagree with referring to street rats as cute. Yuck!


This next story is extra interesting for me because of my current book. Carving supposed witch traps into cave walls shows just how fearful people were during the early Middle Ages.


Last up tonight, a genetic breakthrough thanks to sharks. Understanding the potential of stability genes could end up as part of cancer prevention someday. Also, super-fast healing understanding. Great Whites really do have superpowers.


That’s all for me tonight. See you back here in seven.

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Weekly News

Wednesday is here once again. I had a pretty chill day in preparation for three completely-crazy days. Pre-relaxing helps fend off craziness—it does. I hope. Time for some distracting news.

This first story is the first of two from Twitter, each far too amazing to pass up. Tweeting volcanoes. 🥰

This next tweet made me laugh so hard. I did fact check this because I was sure it was just a joke. It is most definitely real.


Last, but not least, virus and bacteria partnering up—with help from science—to battle climate change. I heart science!


That’s all for me tonight. Time for me to roll with crazy for a few days. Deep breath. See you in seven.


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Weekly News

Happy Wednesday! It’s been a weird/good/intense week over here, and so I decided to do something I haven’t done in a while: share music. Enjoy!

Fight Song
That’s all for me tonight. See you back here in seven.
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IWSG and Weekly News


(Sorry for the formatting. WordPress resists paragraphing every once in a while.)
It’s time again for my monthly posting for the Insecure Writer’s Support Group. The virtual group uber-focused on the anxiety-riddled life of writers. We’re a mess. Come see.
Our fantastic co-hosts this month are Raimey Gallant, Natalie Aguirre, CV Grehan, and Michelle Wallace!
I’m skipping the optional question this month and again focusing on my own writing journey. In January, I mentioned I had finished my current WIP and was beginning the beta process. Well, I have most of my feedback back and am now launching into some pretty significant revisions. Good revisions, like “make this sucker jump out of the slushpile” good. Armed with great feedback and another read through, I have an editing plan. Tomorrow is day one of a probable month-long hard-core revision, and then …the slushpile. I’m feeling way too confident for this stage of the game. It’s weird.
Time for some news.
I wish I could have been at the meeting where someone proposed a naked troll who farts glitter at tourists. Fun for all ages had to have been uttered at some point. 🙂
This next story is gross, just gross. That is too much mac and cheese. No one needs that much mac and cheese. Yuck!
Last but not never least, a volcano. When Kilauea erupted last summer it was devastating and newsworthy, but it also provided scientists with a treasure trove of understanding. Besides, I struggle to pass up volcano-related stories. I heart volcanoes as much as I heart science!



That’s all for tonight, folks. See you in seven.
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Weekly News/Book Release

This week I’m handing my blog over to a talented writer friend for the release of her newest book. Her fiction forces readers to wrestle with contemporary issues as the pages practically turn themselves. You should check her out.



The Sidewalk’s Regrets

Seventeen-year-old Sacha McLeod isn’t looking for someone to rock her world. But when she hears the boy in the music store play the guitar, the music thrills her and she falls hard for Dylan and his sound. 

Sacha finds herself spending less time with her violin and more time with this guy. Her plans for her violin-virtuoso future—and her self-confidence—are shattered when she screws up the audition for a summer music program. Failure isn’t something she’s had to face before, so when Dylan asks her to spend her vacation with him in the city, she lies to her parents, pretends she won a place in the summer school, and secretly moves in with Dylan. 

She’s expecting romance, music, and passion, but when she finds herself playing second fiddle to Dylan’s newly acquired drug habit, she realizes despite what the songs say, sometimes love isn’t all you need.

Publisher: Evernight Teen
Available for pre-order:
About The Author

Having spent a lifetime travelling the globe, Kate Larkindale settled in Wellington, New Zealand fifteen years ago.  A film marketing executive and mother to two sons, she’s surprised she finds any time to write, but doesn’t sleep much.  As a result, she can usually be found hanging out by the nearest espresso machine.

She is the author of contemporary YA novels The Sidewalk’s Regrets, An Unstill Life and Stumped along with several others that no one is allowed to see. Yet. She has also written one very bad historical romance, which will likely never see the light of day. She is working on several more YA novels that may or may not ever be finished.

Her short stories have appeared in Halfway Down The Stairs, A Fly in Amber, Daily Flash Anthology, The Barrier Islands Review, Everyday Fiction, Death Rattle, Drastic Measures, Cutlass & Musket and Residential Aliens, among others.


I pick up a yellow package and test its weight. Steel-wrapped, perlon core. I’ve never tried a wound E-string before. Feels good, but really, until it’s strung, tuned, and played, I’m not going to know. I like the weight of the wrapped string, the solidity of it in my palm. I’m comparing the bulk of this string with one of my usual brand when a noise makes me jump. No, not a noise. It’s a wall of noise. A huge tsunami of sound that washes over me and carries me away with it. It wails and shrieks and croons and moans all at the same time. I’ve never heard anything like it. My stomach leaps with something that could be fear or excitement. I can’t tell which. I just know my heartbeat has grown so fast and strong my ribs groan.

As if drawn by a magnet, I’m outside the string room, cutting through the jumbled spaces, the sound growing louder and louder. It reaches into my soul and tears off a piece, carrying it away. What is this music? Can I even call it music?

I stumble into the store’s main room on trembling legs. In the corner, someone is playing an electric guitar. Although playing doesn’t seem like the right word for the way his hands move across the instrument. He’s caressing it. Teasing it. Berating it into creating this otherworldly sound that pummels the walls and assaults my senses. Feedback cackles through the amp and he seems to encourage it, pushing the neck of his instrument closer and closer before tearing it away. Every note burrows into the marrow of my bones, each one digging deeper and deeper until I can’t separate my body from the music swirling around it.

As abruptly as it started, the sound stops. I stagger backward as if the weight of the noise was keeping me upright. I’m still clutching the packages of strings, the paper envelopes growing damp in my palm. My heart raps a staccato rhythm against my ribs and I realize I’m holding my breath.

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Weekly News

Happy Hump Day! It’s a good mid-week day, extra steep for a quick slide into the weekend. I won’t waste any of your sliding time—straight into the news.

I bet this experience meant everything to the divers, but it’s a big ol’ fat no way for me.


This next story went viral because we all want a cart and a Pringle’s jar of wine.


Last, but not least, a potential breakthrough for cancer. My fingers, toes, and arms are crossed.


Go back to sliding. See you back here in seven.

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Weekly News

It’s Wednesday once again, and it’s a happy Wednesday. I FINISHED my rewrites. It’s been months of dissection and rewrites, but my second book is now in the hands of my betas.


That’s my news this week. I’m sleepy. I can rest a little now, right? See you back here in seven.

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