IWSG and Weekly News


It’s time once again for the Insecure Writer’s Support Group. We’re an anxious gaggle of worrying writers, bodies curled over our keyboards, fingers cramping from agitated typing. It’s an image to behold. Don’t allow yourself to miss it.

The fabulous co-hosts today are Patricia Lynne, Lisa Buie-Collard, Kim Lajevardi, andFundy Blue! Yes, one of them is me, and I did call myself fabulous. What can I say?

In place of answering the optional question this month, I’m instead sharing the winners of the anthology contest. Way to go!

IWSG Anthology Contest Winners

Oddly Suited by LG Keltner
Sea of Sorrows by AV Brown
Behind the Catcher’s Mask by Jennifer Lane
A Diver’s Ball by Angela Brown
Fearless Heart by Deborah Solice
The Dark Charade by CD Gallant-King
The Cog Prince by Elizabeth Mueller
Flower of Ronda by Myles Christensen
Remedy by Chelsea Ballard
Charleston Masquerade by Carrie-Anne Brownian 

The top story has the honors of being included in the title. LG Keltner’s story came out on top! The official title of our next anthology – Masquerade: Oddly Suited. Congratulations, LG. (She was also in the top spot for our first anthology, Parallels: Felix Was Here.)

The IWSG Admins spent many hours reading the entries and fourteen were sent to our special judges. We certainly wish to thank them for taking time away from their own work to read the entries:

Elizabeth S. Craig, author
Kelly Van Sant, agent at Red Sofa Literary Agency 
Elana Johnson, author
DL Hammons, Write Club founder
S.A. Larsen, author
Kristin Smith, author
Gwen Gardner, author and previous IWSG anthology winner

That’ll do it for my IWSG post. Time for some news.



I love the collective sense of humor our police have. This is just another social media win from the same people who have given us the fabulous lip sync battles. The men and women in blue have won the internet.


This is the second year in a row I’m posting about a Santa gathering. I had no idea Claus World was so happening. Hang ten, guys!


In science this week, a possible secondary reason for one of our planet’s mass extinctions: supernovas slayed our water beasts. Megalodon didn’t stand a chance against radiation. I can’t really say I heart the science of mass extinction, but learning about it helps us know how to protect ourselves in the future. I definitely heart that!


That’s it for me today. See you back here in seven.

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Weekly News

Merry Belated Christmas! We had an illness-based celebration, but I was still with my most important family member–my son–so even a surprise fever on his part couldn’t ruin the day. Besides, binge watching Breaking Bad and eating Chinese made up for a delayed present day. Anyways, time for some news.

This first story makes me question certain people. How can anyone hate on dragons? I’m dumb-founded.


A complilation of weird stories of the year. You’re welcome!


Science takes a look inside the moon. Why? Because we can.


That’ll do it for me tonight. See you back here in seven.


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Weekly News

Happy Wednesday! It’s a very happy Wednesday for this teacher. I’m on break for the next two and a half weeks. Ah … the kids were off the rails yesterday. Deep breath. The world is good now. Time to share that good in the form of great news finds. You’re welcome!

I must visit this German town. It’s not that I’m necessarily an Elvis fan, but I’d love to see everyone boogeying as they walk.


Some people suck, but then there are others who are awesome. The package thieves are in the first category and the engineer in the latter. Major props for the glitter/fart spray combo. Brilliant!


Last, but definitely not least, a newly discovered form of life. Science matters, and this article is just another example of why.


That’s all for relaxed me. See you in seven.


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Weekly News

It’s Wednesday once again. We’re getting close to Christmas, very close. I can’t wait. I’m off after next Tuesday, and my son comes home from college. Yay and yay! I love this time of year. But right now, time to take a little news break. 😉

I know what I want for Christmas. They should have just dumped some caramel and nuts on it and given everyone a spoon. Yum!


He got so excited. Maybe just a bit too excited.


For my science story this week, I only have one word to describe it: DUDE. You’ll understand once you read it.


That’s all for me tonight. See you back here in seven.

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IWSG and Weekly News


It is the first Wednesday once again. Time for my posting for the Insecure Writer’s Support Group (IWSG).  The fantastic co-hosts for the December 5 posting are: J.H. Moncrieff, Tonja Drecker , Patsy Collins, and Chrys Fey. Thank you!

The optional question for this month is: What are five objects we’d find in your writing space?

I love this question! I have a cool writing space. Come closer, let me prove it.

First up is the sentimental portion of our journey. The collection of family memorabilia handed down to me from my grandmother and great aunt. I have a portrait of my great-great grandmother, her wedding shoes, marriage certificate, a portion of her dress, her desk, and her diploma from high school. Additionally, I have a cool tapestry hanging on the wall my husband brought back from Iran. To feed my ego and keep the writing insecurities at bay, I have displayed all of my certificates from writing contests where I won or placed for my first novel. For my reader and writer heart, piles and piles of books. My closet even has two book shelves with books. I am that person. And last, but most certainly not least, I have my Harry Potter wand from Universal. Total dork here–I admit it happily.

Writing spaces are important, and I have made mine represent me as fully as can be accomplished.


Time for some news.

This first story has a dog with some real skills. I see a bright future if the league can cough up the bones his agent will request. *Giggle*


This museum would be a trip. I must admit to having had at least one of their “disgusting” entrees, though. I had guinea pig when I visited Peru. It tastes like chicken. Really.


In science this week, gravitational waves. It turns out Einstein’s Theory of Relativity was correct in that gravity does not leak while passing through space. No leakage and possible mass. Mind blown! Einstein still rocks years after his death.


That’s all for tonight, folks. See you back here in seven.


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Dream On.

An important post from a fantastic writer. If you’re in the market for epic fantasy in January 2020, look for Ghost Dragon by David Slayton.



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Weekly News

Hidey ho! Never used that phrase before. It popped into my head, and, well, I just had to share. You’re welcome! It’s Wednesday once again, and as such, time for some news.

First up, a gigantic cow. Like the kind of cow that makes all of the others in the field look like toys. Steak-lovers everywhere are probably salivating, but he’s safe. Sorry.


The cow made me animal focused, so here’s a heart-warmer about frog ladders. Some people are just good.


Last, but not least, science. My heart gave a little pitter patter typing science. I am such a dork. Annyyways, engineers have flown the first airplane without moving parts. Our modern day Wright Bros. moment. Love!


That’s all for me tonight. See you again in seven.


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