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Weekly News

Another week has come and gone, and I am visible from behind my mountainous to-do piles. Hi. I’m waving at you all. The piles are no longer wavering and threatening to topple over. So, I’d definitely say things are looking … Continue reading

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Weekly News

Hello all! The middle of the week has rocketed back into existence and is just as quickly disappearing from underneath me. All the while disturbing the unstable piles of stuff I’m trying to get done. Hmph… I guess if time … Continue reading

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Weekly News

Hello Wednesday! Never greeted a day of the week before? I have, just not normally a non-weekend day. 😉 I’m back once again for a tasty sampling of news. Ready to nosh? I am. Whoops. That’ll be a doh when he … Continue reading

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IWSG and Weekly News

  It’s that time once again. Do you feel the collective twitching? The increased clicks of coffee pots sliding back in for more brewing, clattering coffee cups or some other type of cup smacking against desktops, and the endless crinkle … Continue reading

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