It’s that time again. Another month, another chance to celebrate our collective insecurities. If you haven’t already checked out the blogs of the talented pool of writers that participate in this blog hop, click on the picture immediately and get started.

As for me, well, not as many insecurities lurking around the corners in my little corner of the world this month. It’s not because I sold my manuscript for some fabulously high advance (excuse me while I pause to imagine that 🙂 ).

Okay, break’s over.

Anyways, my temporary spate of security is not due to anything other than a good old-fashioned vacation. Yep, that’s right, I went somewhere other than up to my office, behind my little desk, and *gasp* I didn’t write a word. Five days where I didn’t stare at my screen willing the last few chapters of my rewrite to finish writing themselves, and (come closer so I can whisper this next part) I’ve been more productive in the days since I returned than in the weeks preceding my vacay.

So, my question for everyone out there is: Are you a more productive writer after a short break away or does it simply pull you out of your groove?

About kimlajevardi

I am a forty-something-year-old writer. I'm currently drafting my second book. I've also written short stories, poems, and some non-fiction over the last several years. My interest in writing formed during countless hours with my nose tucked in books. I may have even been clutching a novel as I was born. :)
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8 Responses to IWSG

  1. Sometimes a short break (few days to a week) works wonders to rejuvenate me, but if I let it go longer than man, it’s very hard for me to get back into a big project (shorts are always easy to go back to). Usually when I’m taking a break from a large project, I’m working on smaller ones in between. I’m glad I found this blog, just joined as follower. It’s nice to “meet” you.
    Deb@ http://debioneille.blogspot.com

  2. lexacain says:

    Yes, I’m absolutely more productive when I’ve let myself break away and live like a real person for a while. When I force myself to write I end up hating my WIP and myself. (So sorry this comment is late. The A-Z hop is kicking my butt!)

  3. I’ve always been more productive after vacation time, but to be honest many times I bring a little bit of writing with me on vacation,, whether it’s a notebook to outline or a book to help me with research. I’m not adding words until I come home, though.

  4. It depends. If I’m struggling with a project, taking a break and coming back to it refreshed can be just what I need. However, if I’m working happily on something and circumstances that are beyond my control force me to set the project aside, it can take forever to get back into my groove. This isn’t always the case, and sometimes the change in scenery actually inspires me. So there’s really no concrete answer for me. I guess I’m a wee bit too crazy for that.

    I hope you enjoyed your vacation!

  5. I definitely think getting away, seeing new sites, not actively thinking about the ms means your subconscious mind gets a chance to work out all those little fiddly bits, so when you get back to your desk, you’re raring to go. Happy writing!

  6. kimlajevardi says:

    I agree. Besides, it means I HAVE to take vacations. 🙂 Thanks for commenting!

  7. I think a vacation is the perfect place to take the pressure off and get back to writing. I think it’s pressure that stops us up. Now, I am off to imagine cashing my own big checks….

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