Weekly News

It’s Wednesday once again. Fast, right? The saving grace of the race of time is long, bright days. It’s half past seven as I write this, and the sun is still up. I enjoy that very much. Small wins, my friends. Every day brings small wins.

This first story made me grin. Not only did Ms. Stejna beats the odds to recover, she topped it off with a cold one. Good for her. https://www.huffpost.com/entry/coronavirus-grandmother-bud-light_n_5ecf13a0c5b61b971d4e47dc

In science news, a chance to stop drug resistance in its tracks. https://www.livescience.com/anti-evolution-drug-could-fight-antibiotic-resistance.html

And for your musical sampling this evening, another personal favorite. I crank the stereo every time it comes on. Enjoy! https://youtu.be/w8KQmps-Sog

That’s all for tonight. See you in seven.

About kimlajevardi

I am a forty-something-year-old writer. I'm currently drafting my second book. I've also written short stories, poems, and some non-fiction over the last several years. My interest in writing formed during countless hours with my nose tucked in books. I may have even been clutching a novel as I was born. :)
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6 Responses to Weekly News

  1. I agree with you that Bug needs to take advantage of this – great advertising and free beer for her.

  2. Beating the virus at that age, she deserves a drink!
    Uprising is a great song.
    I also like how it stays light so much longer.

  3. These stories of people beating the odds (I mean, really beating them) are incredibly uplifting. I hope the work going into antibiotic resistance teaches us to respect the drugs!
    I love that track too – good choice 🙂

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