Weekly News

It’s a sneaky Wednesday, one which almost finished before I remembered it was posting day. This is me posting just in the nick of time to avoid another “oops” late post. Some days just escape their specific notice in a blur of the tasks of the day. Today was one of those days. Not so uncommon, truly. Ah well, time for some news.

This first story is a head scratcher. How many people still rock let alone celebrate the mullet? It’s time to let it go, people. Really.


I do not need to hear a radio host give birth live on air. This stinks of ratings desperation and ….


In science news, a giant meteoroid rocks Michigan. I’m extra partial to this story because of my own meteoroid sighting a few months ago. Mine was also unusually large, and I happened to catch it after a chance lift of my head from my screen in the evening. A well-placed window and a stunned couple of blinks later, and I was amazed by the biggest shooting star to rock my own neck of the woods in quite some time. Right there with you, Michigan.


That’ll do it for my nick-of-time posting this evening. See you back here in seven.


About kimlajevardi

I am a forty-something-year-old writer. I'm currently drafting my second book. I've also written short stories, poems, and some non-fiction over the last several years. My interest in writing formed during countless hours with my nose tucked in books. I may have even been clutching a novel as I was born. :)
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4 Responses to Weekly News

  1. spunkonastick says:

    I don’t want to hear someone give birth! Yuck.

  2. Why is the mullet still a thing?
    That meteor is really wild. And really bright in the video. Remember that giant one over Russia a few years ago?

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